Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ron’s Sweet and Spicy Brown Beans

When Ron invented this recipe, I wrote it down. It’s since become a family favorite! I like to use a red onion for color, but a plain-jane cooking onion does equally well.

Rons Sweet and Spicy Brown Beans:

2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 medium onion, chopped into 1/2-in. chunks
1/4 c. combined chopped red and yellow bell peppers (“capsicums”), diced small
6 breakfast sausages, sliced into thirds
One 14-oz. (398 mL) can brown beans, undrained
1 medium tomato, in 1-in. chunks (optional)
2 tbsp. molasses
2 tbsp. chili powder, or to taste
1 tsp. chili flakes, or to taste
1 tsp. dried basil
1/2 tsp. coarse black pepper

In large skillet, heat oil on medium-high. Add peppers and onion. Sauté 2 min., stirring constantly. Add chopped sausages, cooking until golden and no pink remains. Stir in remaining ingredients, bringing just to the boil before reducing heat to low. Simmer, covered, 15 min. Serves 2-to-3 diners.

Heat oil in large skillet.

Add prepared onions and peppers ... 

Sauté 2 min. on medium-high.

Add sausages, beans, tomato, and molasses.

Add seasonings and chili powder, combining well.

Simmer 15 min. Lap it up, Dollinks ... This is delicious!

Tomorrow: Nugget Potatoes with Bacon and Olives.

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