Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From our house ...

To yours!
When you combine equal parts of empathy, understanding, and contentment; and add wisdom, kindness, faith, and love; and leaven the mixture with laughter; and share it joyfully with others, your happiness will grow and replenish itself. 
Whatever your beliefs, and however you celebrate, light a candle for peace, harmony, and understanding on this day. The best of the season to you all!      

xox   Nicole    


  1. Best Wishes to you and Ron too Nicole.
    LOVE your blog. My daughter and I made your 5 minute fudge and it was a big hit; it's now part of our Christmas-time repertoire (which I can assure you is very exclusive)
    ; )
    All the best in the New Year
    Nicole Collins
    (Erin P's friend from Toronto)


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