Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Starting tomorrow ...

The single greatest challenge for any holiday host is deciding what to serve designated drivers and other party-goers who would prefer not to drink alcohol. Club soda with a chunk of lime is an ever-popular, thirst-quenching choice, but when you want to make a non-drinking guest feel special, it’s nice to prepare something special! I’ve always found that even guests who drink alcohol usually prefer something non-alcoholic as the evening progresses. How Much and How Many Beverages to serve? Check the guide under that listing in the Index.
Starting tomorrow and over the next few days, I’ll be offering some festive beverage options - some with, and some without alcohol. Some of these drinks require ice cream or sherbet: I’m publishing them early so you’ll have plenty of time to stock up! Be sure to offer wide plastic drinking straws, an aerosol bomb of whipped cream, and shakers of nutmeg and cinnamon so guests can “doctor” some of these non-alcoholic drinks!
I’ll start with a number of chilled non-alcoholic drinks, moving on to some chilled alcoholic holiday punches. From there, I’ll present some hot non-alcoholic options and some hot alcoholic beverages and punches. Check the Index under Beverages.
Also over the next few days, and as the holidays draw closer, I’ll present you with some of my baking and candy favorites! I love making these treats as gifts, and in past years have mailed them around the world. 

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